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Did you know that you can heat up a cup of coffee by yelling at it?

How about the fact that bananas are radioactive?

Or that Google hires goats as gardeners?

Or that competitive slapping is a sport in Russia?


Then Better Than Balderdash is for you!

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— “To attain knowledge, add something new every day.”

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EPIC TRUE TALES And Crazy Stories

A Hilariously Funny Compendium of World Facts, Historical Madness And Shocking Stories You’ll Think are Too Good To Be True! PLUS Bonus Quizzes And Questions And Answers Throughout


An Excessive Volume of Mind-blowing Facts, Funny True Stories, and Insanely Interesting Information for People Who Know Too Much: TWO BOOKS IN ONE



An Epic Compendium of Short Stories (Present and Past), Cool Trivia, and Awesome History of The World Facts You Don’t Need But Definitely Want.

About the Author

Owen Janssen moved to the United States from Holland, where his father was a professor, when he was two years old. His family loved traveling, and he has crisscrossed the whole country (and part of the world) with them. He finally slowed down long enough to get his teaching degree in Minnesota,but it wasn’t long before he and his college sweetheart were off again, traveling the world together.

Owen has a love of random trivia, technology, and educational matters in general. He also has a guilty pleasure of enjoying pop culture and the occasional karaoke night. He and his family still travel during summer vacations; from Disney World to going back to Holland, he still can’t get enough of all the sights he can find.

The couple got married in Minnesota and settled down in Portland, Oregon, where Owen put his teaching degree to good use. He has spent the last 20 years in teaching, also teaching his own children during that time.